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Our location is completely carved from the rock by the architect are arranged Burcu Sayar, antique accessories designed in the form of Sema Sergahanesi. Motif in the core of belief in the Cultural Center sema rituals are held in a decent manner...


Four sections, consisting of seven chapters of the Mevlevi Ayin at least 45 minutes. Composed the music of the Mevlevi Ayin-changing times by authorities in the mystical dimension and Sultan Mevlana Grace have been implemented in Grace Veled acts is exactly the same. Convent education and the executive committee is trained in the ritual observances of the people are secular and perform. Ministry of Culture has issued circulars Semâ delegation in accordance with the offers Semâ Ayin. Show chat with guests at the end of Semâ whether, sherbet are offered.

``Stop belittling yourself, you are the walking universe...``



The current event calendar at the Cappadocia Motif Cultural Center...

Sema Ceremony

Sema Ceremony that starts every day at 16:30...

Sema Ceremony

Sema Ceremony that starts every day at 18:00...

Sema Ceremony

Sema Ceremony that starts every day at 21:00...

Hz. Mevlana and Mevlevism

Mevlana's life is described in Shams ud-Din Ahmad Aflāki's "Manākib ul-Ārifīn" (written between 1318 and 1353). He is described as a descendant of the caliph Abu Bakr, and of the Khwārizm-Shāh Sultān Alā ud-Dīn bin Takash (1199–1220), whose only daughter, Mālika-ye Jahān, had allegedly been married to Rumi's grandfather. However, both claims are rejected by modern scholars.

“There is space beyond our ideas about right and wrong. I will meet you there. When the spirit lies in the grass, you will find that the world doesn't need your right and wrong ideas.”

Hz. Mevlana


Sema Ceremony

Kapadokya Motif Kültür Merkezi Sema Seremonilerinden kareler...

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